Whiplash is a relatively common injury that is often ignored or mistreated due to lack of understanding of the condition. If you experience a car accident or sports related injuries, your tissues on your cervical spines may be damaged. Your neck is getting stiffer and cause terrible pain.  This affects loss of range of motion in the neck, even you may have headaches (most often starting in at the base of the skull). Furthermore, you may have tingling or numbness in the arms. You are easily to be tired and feel dizzy.


The fact of whiplash

  • The term whiplash is derived from the “whipping of a lash,” indicating a quick change in direction or movement, often with a snap
  • Whiplash is usually the result of a rear impact while in a stationary position.
  • Failure to properly educate and treat patients with whiplash can lead to chronic psychosocial symptoms including depression and anxiety.


How to treat your neck after whiplash?

Most people thinks the best way to reduce pain in the neck is not to move as possible. Patients who suffered from whiplash usually received therapeutic massage, electrical stimulation and ultrasound as a passive way.

According to a result of clinical research, early range of motion and exercises lead to a more rapid recovery than prolonged immobilization or use of a cervical collar or passive treatment. However, it is not easy to move your neck without pain.

Don’t worry! There is the way to get rid of pain and move your neck at right amount of muscle contraction, right amount of timing, right direction of movement pattern.

We called it as ‘Neurac’


Neurac(NEUromuscular Activation) is an active treatment method for pain that combines bungee-assisted suspension exercises with high levels of neuromuscular stimulation from the ropes to restore strength, stability and pain-free movement control.

Our aim is to re-activate the patient’s neuromuscular system in the cervical spine with a completely painless manner.

This is accomplished through Redcord’s patented “bungee assistance” system. Similar to floating in a swimming pool, this weightless environment allows users to focus on each precise movement pattern, without the interference of pain and compensation. Their body weight is slowly added into the routine as they start to re-establish proper control of the movements.

We always pursue ‘innovative movement tuning’. Movement experts will help you to get back to your normal life.

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